Meet the Maker | Craig and Rebecca Struthers

Each week we ‘meet a maker’ from within the Walpole membership, shining a light on the highly skilled craftspeople creating British luxury products and experiences. Today, introducing Craig & Rebecca Struthers, co-founding directors of award-winning watchmakers Struthers London.


We offer the most bespoke service in British watchmaking, a journey which takes our clients from a hand rendered concept illustration, through to a worldwide unique timepiece. We started out training as vintage and antique watch restorers before realising the skills we’d acquired handcrafting new parts for heritage timepieces could be applied to designing and making our own.

Our first ranges were built around vintage and antique watch movements that we had rescued from the bullion industry, stripped back, refined and rebuilt as new watches. These were usually made in either Switzerland or England and dated from anywhere between 1850 and 1960. Now, we’re halfway through creating our first in-house movement where we are making virtually every component of the watch ourselves in England.


The greatest pleasure in our work is having the ability to wake up one morning with an idea, then to be able to see that idea realised with our own hands, in our own workshop.

Our work is incredibly varied. We get to be engineers, designers, historians and artists all in one go. Our build times vary between four months and two years and every commission is different and takes us on a new journey. We are very lucky to have some wonderful clients who form a kind of extended family to us. As a husband-and-wife team of two the experience is very personal for everyone involved. Our clients often come to our workshops, we visit their work or home and meet their family and children. Every piece we make is special and has a story before it’s even delivered.

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