Member of the Week | Cookson Adventures

Cookson Adventures is an ultra-luxury adventure company; their approach to travel is derived from the passions of their founder, Henry Cookson, a record-holding polar explorer.

His authentic vision is for clients to feel like adventurers, not travellers; never comprising on comfort and knowing that the height of luxury lies in creating unique and irreplaceable memories.

For ten years, Cookson Adventures has been taking clients to explore some of the most remote and remarkable corners of the planet, but always in the height of elegance and style.

And they innovate. Since its beginning, Cookson Adventures has pioneered the concept of world firsts in luxury adventure travel. This attitude has led the company to take a superyacht further north than ever before, during a luxury polar bear safari deep within the Arctic Circle. It has seen clients experience a private trek through the world’s largest cave system and an adrenaline-fuelled adventure in Utah’s wilds.

They believe in luxury with purpose, so conservation is also an integral part of any trip. Cookson works tirelessly to protect the pristine nature of the untouched places they visit and will often arrange for clients to personally contribute to curated local charities as part of their trips. As a result, they have completed important work rehoming giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, tagging sharks deep in the Pacific and, this year, Cookson will embark on a ground-breaking scientific research project to confirm the existence of a new species of killer whale.

The company’s highly successful clientele require not just exceptional quality but a completely personalised product every time, reflecting passions, preferences and proclivities. Whether it is a year-long sabbatical experience, deep-sea diving or conservation projects deep within the Colombian jungle, Cookson refines every detail to match the character of their client. To that end, Cookson’s knowledge spans all corners of the globe, through an incredible network of worldwide experts. Scientists, archaeologists, marine biologists, conservationists, award-winning photographers and many more, contribute to the innovative approach the company takes to developing fresh ideas.

Whether exploring a rarely visited realm or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Cookson Adventures creates unique experiences that forge unforgettable memories. Through innovation, unrivalled expertise, and an unprecedented level of personalisation, service and elegance, Cookson continues to carve its own niche at the very pinnacle of the luxury travel industry.