Member of the Week | de Le Cuona

de Le Cuona is a purveyor of luxury textiles for interiors with a 25-year history. It is known for exquisite, understated linen and fabrics united by their beauty, quality and mastery of execution.

Founder Bernie de Le Cuona is a linen connoisseur and the one who interior designers, fashion houses and historical bodies all turn to when a textile specialist is called for. She is also unique, leading the design and business operations of this international brand, while being a trailblazer for practising natural sustainability.

Her quest for outstanding quality in the field of noble, natural fibres takes her all around the world. Beautifully soft yet durable alpaca is sourced from Peru, the best linen from Belgium and France, fine silk from China and high-quality wool from Australia. These are woven using both traditional and innovative techniques by specialist artisans into some of the most luxurious fabrics imaginable.

Culture and travel are bedrocks of inspiration. An antique shawl discovered in Kashmir inspirited an intricate wool paisley. These are so detailed that only three metres can be woven per loom per day. One of de Le Cuona’s signature paisleys is archived in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Visits to the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and the Royal Gardens of Versailles have imbued the Wanderlust collection with an air of elegant extravagance. A fur-like fabric expertly made in Italy combines linen and wool with the best alpaca fibre from Peru.

Other fabrics are the result of discovering age-old techniques and using them in new ways, working with specialist mills that are prepared to experiment. An adventurous linen called Buffalo is washed with large pumice stones to resemble beaten-up buffalo skin. One couture linen is a cross between a wall tapestry and a Chanel jacket that used ribbons instead of yarns. Another, Kasbah, is hand dyed reusing ancient techniques. It is this confidence to do the unexpected that comes from a mastery of the craft.

As Bernie de Le Cuona explains: “The craftsmanship behind de Le Cuona’s fabrics is a complete and utter art. That’s why I like working with small mills who want to keep this artistry alive. No one can make it better. We take that much care.”

Each design experiences a number of original processes with the focus always upon finessing the way a fabric feels and flows. The natural colour palette lets fabrics move seamlessly between collections. All the textiles fall smoothly into the worlds of heritage, classic and contemporary interiors.
The bespoke service works with the same dedication to quality and detail. Projects are unique and appropriate to individual requirements, from residential and commercial interiors to exclusive commissions for prestigious hotels, yachts and palaces.
The same valuing of care is true for the hand-worked accessories where the ethos of the brand is stamped with subtle touches of quality. These may include alpaca bedding, embroidered bedlinen, cashmere throws and cushions in silk, linen, velvet and wool. Select accessories and unique furniture pieces are exclusive to the new de Le Cuona flagship store located at 44 Pimlico Road, in one of London’s most exciting and established design districts.

de Le Cuona is not just a fabric house but a luxury brand with a vision for the future. It is serious about time-honoured techniques and innovation, natural materials and sustainability. This company now has thriving showrooms in London and New York, and a network of elite distributors and agents worldwide. The headquarters are in Royal Windsor.