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Iconic luxury brand Wedgwood is a testament to British entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. For over 250 years, Wedgwood Product and Design Development has taken place in the UK, guaranteeing English authenticity and values.

Wedgwood was founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759. Primarily a potter, but also a pioneer, scientist, philanthropist and family man, Josiah has come to be regarded as one of the greatest innovators and businessmen of the Industrial Revolution; a craftsman of astonishing skill and tenacity with a deep sense of humanity.

As a tastemaker of society, Wedgwood has collaborated with some of the finest independent artists and designers from many disciplines and backgrounds, all of which have had an important part to play in the development of a global icon. The signature Wedgwood blue and white Jasper, unique to the company, was invented by Josiah in 1775 and remains one of the most recognised ceramic products in the world.

Founded on the principles of design, quality and innovation Wedgwood makes the highest-quality fine bone china dinnerware and beautifully crafted ornamental pieces. Wedgwood products are still handcrafted by specially trained artisans, using materials and still some techniques that Josiah Wedgwood himself perfected, being ingenious and unsurpassed.

“ As a craftsman you put something of yourself into each piece. Something beautifully crafted is one of life’s pleasures”

An award-winning museum, part of the World of Wedgwood based in Barlaston in Stoke-on-Trent, is preserving the legacy of the Wedgwood dynasty with the largest publicly accessible Wedgwood collection – and now under the protection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Wedgwood is intrinsic to British culture, from flowers and nature through to gardens and tea. Wedgwood has been synonymous with tea and tea drinking from the 18th century, which was very fashionable at that time, helping to create moments of shared and unforgettable pleasure.
The Wedgwood pattern archives are rich with floral motifs reflecting the Wedgwood family’s passion and the public’s love of flowers, which have continued to be updated and re-imagined over time reflecting the ties and trends.

Along with bone china teaware Wedgwood has a long and respected reputation for premium leaf tea from loose black, white, green and herbal teas which can be experienced in selected Wedgwood tea rooms around the world.

Today the legacy of Josiah remains as Wedgwood continues to make a lasting impact on people’s quality of life making the everyday extraordinary by creating moments that enrich people’s lives.

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