Open House comes to Savile Row

Partnering with Open House provides an occasion to showcase a number of buildings of architectural merit and allows visitors to go behind the scenes of participating tailoring houses, Chittleborough & Morgan, Norton & Sons, Huntsman Savile Row, Cad & The Dandy and Richard Anderson.

Given Open House’s theme for 2019 is ‘social’ it was an ideal opportunity to work with five renowned tailoring houses to showcase how architecture and fashion are intrinsically linked. Just as tailors stitch and weave their designs, architects work to create bespoke buildings into the fabric of a city.

This year, Huntsman celebrates their centenary on Savile Row and will welcome visitors into the exclusive Huntsman club, while Chittleborough & Morgan celebrate 50 years of specialising in women’s tailoring and will uncover the padding used within their women’s bespoke tailoring – fittingly in the suffragette colours. Visitors to Norton & Sons can enjoy a presentation of bespoke and made-to-measure autumn/winter pieces and the work of artist Seungwon Jung will be on show whilst visitors to Cad & The Dandy can visit the atelier and see the cutters at work. Richard Anderson will showcase Richard’s newest bespoke designs which stem from his personal travel preferences of having as little luggage as possible; boarding the plane with everything you need easily accessible on your person.

The Pollen Estate is dedicated to ensuring the Row remains a thriving sartorial destination and one that retains its dedication to creating modern craft while maintaining its inspiring heritage. “We are delighted to partner with Open House this year and welcome the public to experience the unique heritage, dedication to craftsmanship and vision of the Savile Row tailoring houses.,” Julian Stocks, Pollen Estate CEO.

Chief Executive Open House, Rory Olcayto states, ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Savile Row for this year’s Open House weekend, allowing the public the opportunity to hear first-hand the rich history of tailoring on the Row Fashion and architecture come together effortlessly and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with the public in September.’

The skilled tailors of Savile Row have dressed kings, rock legends, movie stars and the sartorially inclined. Throughout the ages The Row has without a doubt significantly contributed to men’s fashion and culture. Today, the Row celebrates diversity and equality with more female tailors and tailoring for women comfortably at home in a neighbourhood once exclusively male.