Spring Snapshot | Harrods x Nowness: Come Together

To celebrate the launch of Men’s Superbrands and the ongoing reimagining of menswear at Harrods – which will be complete in 2020, Harrods has partnered with NOWNESS to create ‘Come Together’.

Directed by Campbell Addy, the film champions self-expression, dance and movement, while exploring authenticity and the style tribes of today.

“I’d like to create a space where everybody can come together,” shares Saul Nash, one of the four dancers, perfectly encapsulating what he, along with Ed Munro, Abdou and Josh Hariette, express through dance.

‘Come Together’ also takes literal inspiration from the new men’s department, designed by David Collins Studio, with the iconic marble floor recreated in the final scene while the cast dance in the latest collections from Harrods Men’s Superbrands.

To see the film, and to discover Men’s Superbrands at Harrods click here.