Stephen Einhorn launches Small Signet Jewellery Collection

Combining style, elegance and history, the signet ring is a unique piece of jewellery. Stephen Einhorn’s new unisex has all the design sensibilities of his original Signet Collection, it is simply smaller in size.

Stephen has always been particularly drawn to signet rings, combining as they do his two passions for classic design and functionality. After all, what could be better than something that is not only beautiful, but could enable the wearer to leave their mark on the world?

“The inspiration behind my new collection all stemmed from my first signet ring. I wanted to create a modern and timeless version of this traditional piece of jewellery. Maintaining what I thought was good about this long existing ring design, I wanted to add to it, and give it more subtlety of shape, weight and form to make it truly mine.”  – Stephen Einhorn

The new Small Signet Collection includes a traditional style signet ring, oval signet ring and a necklace. The designs can all be made in a variety of solid precious metals, including silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, and can be further personalised with the addition engraving. The necklace is also available with a selection of inlaid stones, including onyx and lapis. Prices from £192 to £2,840.