A Summer of Luxury | Fortnum & Mason Sparkling Tea

This summer Fortnum & Mason has launched its extraordinary new alcoholic ‘sparkling tea’ range, featuring green, black and herbal tea infusions.

Ever committed to being a destination for discovery, Fortnum & Mason unveils Sparkling Tea, a new alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling beverage collection that is unique to the market. Using a white wine base, and grape juice for the non-alcoholic bottles, then infusing teas in several different flushes, the new range creates a completely unique tipple, with a depth akin to a sparkling wine.

Created by Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company, a boutique company based in Denmark, each recipe is uniquely crafted by hand, creating small production runs using the best teas from Danish tea merchants who source ingredients from across the globe.

Each bottle offers the same complexity as wine, using several different tea and infusion combinations, up to 13 varieties per bottle, to mirror the effect usually created by grapes and fermentation. Certified organic, each bottle delivers a unique length and taste, featuring notes ranging from deep berries to fresh herbs and honeysuckle.

Challenging and renewing the world of gastronomy, this range of beverages makes a wonderful alternative sparkling drink, with which to toast any special occasion. The range features three bottles, Blå (Blue), Rød (Red) and Grøn (Green), which use unique infusions and secret recipes to create their stunning flavour. Ranging from alcohol free Blå to Rød and Grøn at 5% abv, each bottle is lovingly created and infused with combinations of teas over several flushes.

The launch continues Fortnum’s commitment to innovation and low-alcohol alternatives, exclusively partnering with the small batch Danish company to stock the collection. Other low alcohol announcements this year include Alcohol-free hampers and a range of alcohol-free products for Christmas.

The Sparkling Tea range is available from £16, online at www.fortnumandmason.com or in Fortnum’s Piccadilly store, Fortnum’s Arcade at Skate and Fortnum & Mason at The Royal Exchange later this year.

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