A Summer of Luxury | Rococo’s tropical chocolates

Inspired by the everlasting heatwave, luxury chocolatier Rococo Chocolates has come over all tropical for their latest range. Candied lemon and orange slices are dipped in thick, dark chocolate for a delicious tea time treat, while ribbons of candied orange peel, coated in a touch of dark chocolate, provide distinctive tangy and fruity notes, perfect for snacking on in the sun.

The brand’s classic Rococo Chocolates caramel has also had a makeover for the summer season: these are part of an exclusive couture collection, handmade by Rococo chocolatiers in South London.

A dome of Valrhona (dark or milk) chocolate encases silky smooth, liquid salted caramel. For added decadence and richness Dominican Republic milk chocolate is blended in to add to the luxurious texture.

Rococo’s chocolatiers have spent months perfecting the caramel to get just the right flavour, which has a hint of vanilla and a real depth of flavour from the addition of muscovado sugar. They have caramelised the sugar just enough to give rich, slightly smoky, toffee tones, and the sweetness is perfectly balanced out by the addition of salt. The care given to these techniques result in Rococo Chocolate’s trademark smoothness.

Products are available online and in all four of Rococo’s London shops: rococochocolates.com
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