The Pitch | An established interior fabric house seeks like-minded collaboration while stepping into the wellness market

de Le Cuona, a luxury interior fabric house is stepping into the wellness market and looking for a collaborator for a special launch next year.

The brand has been developing the de Le Cuona Pure Collection; a collection of 100% certified organic interior fabrics to be introduced in spring 2020. Each of the up-to six different traceable stages from the field where the seed is planted, to the final product arriving at the warehouse is certified by GOTS, which makes it the perfect choice for considerate home owners, wellness retreats and super yachts, where the demand for healthy products is growing. de Le Cuona is looking to collaborate with a luxury brand in the interior, lifestyle or wellness industry.

“I have been working on the idea of improving the environment people live in not just decoratively but health-wise for a couple of years”, says Bernie de Le Cuona. It’s an extremely costly process to develop this totally organic collection, but I believe that as the world becomes more and more aware of the damage we cause to our health by using and being surrounded by chemicals, it will appeal to more and more home owners and interior designers. Increasing the amount of “healthy” textiles in interiors, particularly bedrooms, nurseries or interiors for relaxation and wellness, may help to reduce allergies and make health improvements.”


de Le Cuona is looking for a collaboration with brands in the luxury interiors, lifestyle or wellness industry, where “healthy” textiles can be explored to advance the project and become part of the de Le Cuona Pure Collection launch.

Please email if you are interested in collaborating and further information.