Member benefits

  • Events & Targeted Networking

    Receive invitations to Walpole's extensive programme of industry events, including the Walpole British Luxury Awards, seminars, workshops, media events and overseas initiatives.

    The opportunity to develop relationships with senior luxury executives across all sectors and business functions. Become involved with networking and information sharing through targeted industry events; and host your own bespoke events for strategic Walpole member introductions.

  • Brand Partnerships

    Walpole actively identifies opportunities and encourages and supports member commercial collaborations and brand partnerships.

    Receive personalised introductions to Walpole's member database of over 1,000+ contacts, with information and support on potential business collaborations with other Walpole members to meet your brand's specific objectives.

  • Media Engagement

    Walpole provides opportunities for member to participate in annual media events, including its strategic communications programme, press conferences, media briefings, roundtables, 'Meet the Media' events and Press Days in both the UK and the US.

    Receive the Luxury Press Digest (digital press cuttings) in your inbox each day.

  • Access to Insights

    Walpole commissions industry benchmark studies and research, providing definitive statistics on the British and pan-European luxury industries.

    Walpole curates luxury seminars with expert speakers on topical issues such as Eastern growth, digital, entrepreneurship, the Americas and the EU referendum.

  • Public Affairs

    Participate in Walpole's public affairs work to become part of the collective voice of the British luxury industry. Key issues include Britain's exit from the European Union, and streamlining Chinese vis regulations to encourage high-spending tourist shopper visits to the UK.

  • Programmes

    Participate in Walpole's industry corporate social responsibility programmes – including the acclaimed mentoring programmes Brands of Tomorrow, Crafted and the Walpole Programme in Luxury Management at London Business School.


    Membership Levels

    There are several membership tiers designed to welcome luxury brands at all stages of their business' development. Strict membership criteria applies, including minimum turnover requirements and demonstrable qualities as a British luxury brand or cultural institution.


    This is a new status conferred on an organisation that lives and breathes British luxury, is an unquestionable leader in their field of expertise and who contributes to the understanding and success and future growth of British luxury, as well as demonstrating commitment to supporting Walpole in all its endeavours. Walpole Patrons will have full access to all Walpole activities plus a bespoke package of special benefits.

    Core Member

    Internationally recognised luxury brands with British origins (but need not be British owned), or with a strong, credible connection to the UK, that exemplify the highest standards of quality, style, design, craftsmanship, creativity, service and innovation.

    Strategic Partner

    Top tier companies who share Walpole's aims to promote British luxury, have credible British presence, and can offer expertise and services of interest to members across a range of professions in a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Programme Partner

    Top tier companies who wish to develop a fully integrated programme partner/sponsor relationship, with full association with one of Walpole's programmes, including Brands of Tomorrow, Women in Luxury Salon series, Luxury in the Making, and the Luxury Apprenticeship and Skills programme.


    Top tier companies who share Walpole's aims to promote British luxury, have credible British presence, and who wish to be associated with Walpole and its members through sponsorship of our various programme and events.

    Brands of Tomorrow

    After completing their year of mentorship, Brands of Tomorrow are invited to join Walpole at a reduced member fee until they reach full eligibility for core membership. (Please note, this category of membership is only open to brands who have participated in the Brands of Tomorrow programme).


    Cultural institutions and representative bodies whose reputation and work enhances the awareness of Britain's worldwide excellence in their respective fields.