21 Days of Christmas | Celebrate with… House of Hackney’s Frieda Gormley

Our final ‘Celebrate with…’ of the week focuses on House of Hackney founder Frieda Gormley, whose insights into her perfect festive day, ‘How to Host’ guide, AND exclusive 20% off the brand’s ebullient homewares will guarantee a magnificently maximalist Christmas this year.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?
We’ll be hosting our extended family at home in London for a day filled with good food and wine.

What gift are you hoping to receive in your stocking?
Rose Noir perfume by Byredo.

What is your favourite/family Christmas tradition?
Creating festive paperchains out of wallpaper offcuts with the children and decorating the tree together with trinkets old and new.

Favourite festive film and song?
My favourite festive film is Home Alone and song is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.

Best place to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere?
Midnight Christmas carols by candlelight at St Leonard’s, Shoreditch is always magical. The beauty of the ancient church bathed in the simple light is mesmerising.

Top tip for surviving the festive season in style?
Everything in moderation, including moderation!


House of Hackney’s How to Host Christmas

Guest list
Where possible, only invite fun people. Always invite your neighbours because you don’t want them to complain about the noise. Invite your colleagues so that if you’re hungover at work the next day, you are so in solidarity. Send your invites at least three to four weeks in advance.

Create a dancefloor
It’s usually a good idea to have a bit of a rearrange of your space. Move your breakables. Move furniture to make room for dancing.

Preparation is key
Get all the stressful work done before your guests arrive. At the beginning of a party you should be making the finishing touches, this means putting the salmon on the blinis or popping the Morello cherries into glasses. This way it looks as though everything has effortlessly come together (even if it doesn’t feel that way).

Game-free zone
I’m personally not a fan of playing games at a party. If you / your guests aren’t fun enough without games, then you probably shouldn’t be having a party.

Food for thought
Have plenty of food that you can bring out throughout the night. I find everyone gets a bit peckish again towards the end of a party, so I’ll make sure to keep something back for then. You don’t want to send your guests home hungry and looking for kebabs.

Look the part
It always feels like more of an event when your guests are well turned out so don’t feel bad about imposing a dress code or asking people to put something sparkly on. It will only add to the fun of the evening.

Tried and tested
For a dinner party it’s always advisable to cook something you are familiar with and not venture into unknown territory hours before your guests arrive – no one wants a pre-meal meltdown!

Make it personal
For Christmas dinner, why not suggest your guests make and bring a Christmas cracker filled with something individual and personal for a fun twist on secret Santa!

Drink up
Who doesn’t love a drinks trolley? Set up a cocktail station as a go-to destination for beverages during your event. This can be a real visual treat if you can put it all together on a traditional trolley.

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Please click here to discover House of Hackney’s Christmas gift guide.


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