21 Days of Christmas | Celebrate with… Michael Ward, MD, Harrods

In our final ‘Celebrate with…’ of the week we hear from Michael Ward, Harrods’ MD & Walpole Chairman on how he’ll be spending his Christmas day, why he won’t be getting any presents, and the joy of a dog walk after Christmas lunch.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

I will be working each day bar Christmas day which I will spend with my family.

What gift are you hoping to receive in your stocking?

If I see anything I like I buy it at Harrods so no pressies for me!!

What is your favourite/family Christmas tradition?

Walking the dogs after Christmas Lunch.

Favourite festive film and song?

After several months of Christmas Carols in Harrods my favourite companion is Spotify.

Best place to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere?

Harrods of course!

Top tip for surviving the festive season in style?