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Black Tomato launches 'Take me on a Story'

Walpole member Black Tomato launches first-of-its-kind trips for families to embrace the world through the lens of classic children's stories.
14th Apr 2021
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Education Black Tomato launches 'Take me on a Story'

Travel has the power to inspire and educate children of all ages and now, more than ever, is a perfect antidote to long months of homeschooling and shuttered lives. As part of Black Tomato's mission to unearth meaningful experiences that engage children and reignite a passion for learning, they are proud to unveil “Take me on a Story”, a new collection debuting with five immersive, bespoke itineraries inspired by beloved children’s stories, set in destinations that form the backdrop to these iconic tales.

Full of wonder and intrigue, these itineraries are designed to spark curiosity and bond adventure-deprived families through extraordinary experiences, whether swapping hedgehog for mallet on the croquet lawn during an interactive, and very mad, tea party inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or learning survival skills, dog-mushing and listening for the Call of the Wild in Alaska.

An interview with Tom Marchant, co-founder, Black Tomato:

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our new ‘Take me on a Story’ collection come to fruition, having taken the past couple of years to develop and refine a series of journeys specifically designed for families of all generations to relish. In casting our eyes to the enchanting world of classic children’s literature, we’re thrilled to have created a myriad of engaging experiences to not only capture the imagination of children of all ages, but also provide an enticing platform for truly exciting, immersive learning opportunities.

The timing of the launch feels especially poignant, appreciating that particularly for those who have endured home-schooling, often much of the joy from parents and children learning together has been strained. After the undeniable hardships of the last year, which for many has included a lack of quality time spent with family members, being able to transport both children and adults into these rich, whimsical worlds - somewhere that isn’t familiar to their everyday lives, feels like the ultimate joyful way to reconnect with loved ones and welcome back the magic of travel.

As a father myself, it’s been a personal delight to see these stories come to life and to have followed the journeys of many clients that have grown their own families with us over the years. To be able to present ‘Take me on a Story’ as our most imaginative and remarkable series of family focused itineraries yet, is gratifying, knowing we’re instilling memories, as well as skills, to last a lifetime.

For many, this time locked down has led to positively reassessing their lives and in turn their desires for travel, and as a result we’re increasingly seeing our clients seeking ever more meaningful journeys. Rather than ticking off a list of places to see, luxury travel in 2021 and beyond will be more focused on how you experience a destination and importantly bond with those you’re travelling with. This is very much a part of Black Tomato’s DNA; crafting journeys which cultivate a deeper connection with the destination visited, and creating extraordinary travel memories for our clients is what, more than anything, motivates our passionate Travel Experts.”

Take me on a Story: See the Itineraries