British Luxury in NYC | Heathrow VIP

Heathrow VIP will be inviting New Yorkers to discover the ‘ultimate airport experience’ during Walpole’s US Trade Delegation later this month, as they join 19 other British luxury brands in the most valuable market for the sector. Read on to discover more about Heathrow VIP’s motivation for joining the delegation, and why the US is of such importance to the brand…

Why is the US and New York such a key market for your brand?

The US is a hugely important market for us. Firstly, LAX and JFK are the two busiest routes for our clients, and have been for a while now. Secondly, we have not previously done much work over in the States to build our brand, and we know there is a lot more US custom we could build. The launch of The Private Suites at LAX, and the confirmation they are to launch a similar service at JFK, means that UHNW Americans are starting to expect VIP services at airports. We have been doing it for over 20 years, and are very well placed to satisfy their needs!

What are you hoping to achieve by participating in the US Trade Delegation?

Exposure to the right people on the East Coast is the primary objective. We are increasing our connections on the West Coast due to the nature of showbiz clients and their demands for privacy etc., but we need to start increasing brand awareness to business and individuals on the East Coast – whether that be financiers, political figures, or anyone after a VIP service when flying in or out of Heathrow.

What will you be showcasing during the trip?

Our service. Once people hear what we do, they realise how valuable Heathrow VIP can be to them, and tend to be very keen to try it out.

What is the one thing you’d like the US customer to know about your brand?

We are the ultimate airport experience. We take all of the horrifying and arduous tasks of commercial air travel away and ensure our clients have a smooth, luxurious, stress-free experience. Whether that be getting to the plane, doing a VAT refund, eating amazing food, passing through the UK border, or getting into London… We are extremely experienced and our clients never have to worry about a thing when travelling through Heathrow VIP.