British Luxury in NYC | Sabina Savage

Sabina Savage – a current Walpole Brand of Tomorrow and designer of beautifully illustrated silk and cashmere scarves – is currently in New York alongside 17 other British luxury brands as part of Walpole’s 2019 US Trade Delegation. Read on to discover why she chose to join this year’s mission and what she’d like the US customer to know about her brand.

Sabina Savage launched her eponymous, luxury scarf brand in 2013 offering heritage inspired, elaborate prints on exquisite fabrics. Each illustration is intricately hand drawn by Sabina, sometimes taking up to six weeks for a single design, before being printed onto the finest silk, wool and cashmere. Each scarf is expertly designed in London then produced to the highest quality and skillfully hand-edged by the renowned artisans of Como, Italy.

Why is the US/New York such an important market for your brand?

The US has become an incredibly important market for us, particularly over the past two years. The growth we have seen has been extraordinary, and the appreciation of my themes, colours and stories is widespread and wonderful.

What are you hoping to achieve by participating in the Walpole Trade Delegation?

We would love to introduce the brand to key press and buyers who may not have come across us yet. We would love to increase exposure and raise awareness towards our stories, hand-illustrated designs and the curious world of the Savage Kingdom.

What will you be showcasing during the trip?

We will bring a selection of products, ranging from our classic silk scarves, through our larger doubled cashmere stoles to our elegant printed silk clothing. Our products are all printed in Como, Italy, before the clothing is hand-constructed in London.

What is the one thing you’d like the US customer to know about your brand?

Sabina’s storytelling is unparalleled in the scarf world. We have collectors throughout the US keen to own the next piece of the tale, or the next chapter in the Savage Kingdom. Supported by the finest Italian and English craftsmanship, this is an unmissable piece of artistry.