British Luxury in NYC | The London Sock Company

This week, as we swap the UK for the US, we continue our profiles of the brands joining us in New York. Today we feature The London Sock Company, a current Walpole Brand of Tomorrow, who anticipates that the USA will become their biggest market by this time next year…

Stylish socks for men, engineered to last. The London Sock Company offer the finest range of luxury men’s socks and sock gifts available in the UK and across the world. Read on to discover why the brand is joining us in New York this week…

Why is the US and New York such an important market for your brand?

Over the past 18 months the US has become 40% of our total revenue. We expect it to become our biggest market by 2020.

What are you hoping to achieve by participating in the Walpole Trade Delegation?

Increasing brand awareness and developing existing and new relationships with other participating brands, local press, influencers and retailers.

What will you be showcasing during the trip?

We will be showcasing our new collaboration with McLaren Automotive along with a range of our socks and gift sets

What is the one thing you’d like the US customer to know about your brand?

That our customer experience is our most important brand value and we offer a Sock Sure guarantee on all our products.