Burberry announces partnership with Tencent Games’ blockbuster title Honour of Kings

Burberry has announced its partnership with Tencent Games in its blockbuster online game Honour of Kings.

As interactive digital content is increasingly becoming a source of inspiration in luxury fashion, games offer another opportunity for consumers to connect with Burberry’s products online.

Younger consumers are redefining community spaces, choosing to connect with each other and with brands in digital environments, such as sharing experiences through online games.

Chinese luxury consumers’ offline and online lives increasingly intertwine, with more demand for a seamless connection between the two. Adding virtual products into existing online games environments offers a bespoke experience that aligns with the consumer’s existing lifestyle.

Both Tencent and Burberry research indicates a sustained growth in interest in online games among younger Chinese consumers. China’s fashion-forward, digital-first customer is the perfect audience to receive new advances in Burberry’s digital agenda, such as exploring virtual products through the medium of online games.