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Anatomē's new Defence + Immune Support Botanical Supplement

anatom? introduces a new Defence + Immune Support supplement, using adaptogens, extraordinary powerful herbs that stimulate the immune response to function optimally.
24th Jun 2020
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#BuyOnlineLuxury  Anatomē's new Defence + Immune Support Botanical Supplement

The supplements are organic, as pesticides can be immunotoxic and can compromise the normal immune response. They promote gut health and support growth, renovation and strengthens immune cells to protect the body against viruses and bacterias.

“We have spent quite a long time developing this compound, trying to find the best ingredient sources and also focusing on sustainability.” says Winder Ton, RD MSc, anatomé’s nutrition expert, “This compound is completely organic and all natural. It was created to help the immune system as a whole. It enhances the defensive immune response and helps renovate immune cells, clearing out the old ones (that aren't fighting properly) and stimulate the production and maturation of new ones.”

Naturally, when a health pandemic strikes, we are bound to feel more concerned about staying strong and healthy. Stress, disruptive sleep and anxiety can lead to high cortisol levels leaving a negative impact on our immune systems. Over 6 months, our team have been developing this new combination of rare and effective ingredients. Adaptogens are known for their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to the specific needs of the body and stimulate hormonal response to improve health and functioning of the body including tackling stress and free radicals, supporting immune response and improving mental health at the same time.

anatomē experts believe the power of nature can help you be as healthy as you possibly can to support your health and wellbeing. We combine plant extracts with vitamins for a simple reason. Vitamins act effectively and directly in metabolic pathways to support cells and metabolism. Botanical extracts not only provide vitamins and minerals inherent in their natural structure, but also a myriad of phytochemicals that protect, stimulate growth, repair and support development of human living cells.

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