CupCycling Cards by James Cropper x Hallmark

With social distancing the new norm, the Walpole team has found that keeping in touch with loved ones the old-fashioned way is a welcome break from the endless video conferences and online chats (we currently use no less than five different digital platforms to communicate). So putting pen to paper, and taking our daily stroll to the postbox has become one of the highlights of our day - and we particularly love this selection of cards from Hallmark x James Cropper's 100% recyclable CupCycling collection – all made from recycled coffee cups.
30th Mar 2020
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#BuyOnlineLuxury  CupCycling Cards by James Cropper x Hallmark

The collection has been designed to help drive forward another sustainable way to make an impact, by taking some of the today’s waste and turning it into a beautiful card that creates a lasting moment for tomorrow.

"A second life for coffee cups can often be more compelling and longer-lasting than its first, setting a high benchmark for outstanding circular design."

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