Love in the time of Coronavirus x #BuyOnlineLuxury | Floris

Tuesday marked the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale and as part of the bicentenary year, a lot of work was being done to run a number of celebrations of this throughout the year as well as raise awareness of the foundation and raise funds.

Floris famously has a letter from Florence Nightingale to Mr Floris from the 1870’s and she famously wore Floris’ White Rose fragrance, which is still sold. The foundation has therefore setup a White Rose campaign which launched yesterday with the support of Helena Bonham Carter. By buying a e-White Rose for £5 from the foundation they hope to raise some significant funds for their work.

To support alongside this, Floris as well as promoting the campaign has committed to donate 15% of all retail sales through direct Floris channels (shop and online) of White Rose Eau de Toilette for 12 months.