We are living in unprecedented times, and while there may, on the surface, be few benefits to 'lockdown', it does mean there should be more time for the little luxuries: reading a good book, finishing a box set, taking hot baths, looking after our skin. Today we continue our #BuyOnlineLuxury campaign with a focus on beauty, as we speak to Arabella Preston, co-founder of luxury (and sustainable) skincare brand Votary on how she, and her business, are adapting to the 'new normal', and why your skin might just thank you for this period of confinement.
25th Mar 2020
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#BuyOnlineLuxury  Votary

"I am taking each day at a time. We are all facing such unprecedented daily issues and slowly adjusting to this new temporary 'normal'. I have plenty of time and very little excuse to enjoy the serenity of a morning cleanse followed by a face massage. My skin is thanking me!

The evenings have also become more laid-back as despite busy days, with no travelling allowed I can indulge in evening rituals which help keep me relaxed. I love a hot bath filled with Antidote Night Oil and the chance to layer either our newest launch, Super Glow Mask or a Cleansing Oil over my face while I let the steam penetrate my pores. A spritz of Pillow Spray on all our beds is a nightly ritual anyway but even more important now to help us unwind and calm our racing minds."

To shop Arabella's suggestions, please click here: www.votary.co.uk, visit the brand on Instagram @votarylondon, or email [email protected].

Votary London is just one of the many Walpole member brands to join #BuyOnlineLuxury: our campaign to promote members’ online shops now that their physical stores are closed. For full information on how to get involved, please click here.

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