#BuyOnlineLuxury | William & Son

Although they have closed their Mayfair store, William & Son are still taking orders online for their carefully curated collection of jewellery and timepieces, leather goods and homeware, clothing and accessories for the field. Shop their collection of handcrafted leather games to drastically upgrade your Easter weekend entertainment offering.

There is a quite specific and especially British take on the finer things in life, and that is what William & Son has always been about. The founder, William Asprey, wanted to create a place with a commitment to excellence and authenticity, in all its forms. From the finest jewellery and timepieces, leather goods and homeware, impeccable clothing and accessories for the field.

William & Son is dedicated to using the highest quality British craftsmanship and materials, and most definitely to the charms of unexpected innovations. That’s why they partner with every new generation of artists, artisans and designers, to ensure that traditional crafts not only survive, but are constantly reinvigorated.

From customisation to unique commissions. From something to make a celebration, large or small, always rather more than routine. By remaining true to the founder’s principles, William & Son earned a Royal Warrant, an international reputation and most importantly, a loyal clientele who visit William & Son at their home in the heart of Mayfair.

For as long as we can, we will endeavour to continue our online offering as well as continuously updating the online store and social channels.