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uyOnlineTea | JING: Sourcing Spring Teas in Lockdown

Early spring teas are the first productions, sometimes known as “first flush” of the new season. They are much anticipated and, in many origins, they are considered the highest quality picking of the year. Each spring, JING’s Head of Tea sources the new collection of teas that reflect the excitement of this time of year for tea lovers.
3rd May 2020
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 uyOnlineTea | JING: Sourcing Spring Teas in Lockdown

This year in every region the effects of COVID-19 are being felt and, for the first time in 12 years, he has not been able to travel to origin to source this collection, but instead has had to source them from his home in London. What has helped most this year is his ability to rely on strong relationships with trusted partners. These prized teas symbolise new growth, renewal and regeneration – a hopeful message in unsettling times.

“Spring teas are a seasonal treat that tea lovers worldwide eagerly anticipate, more so now we’re confined to our homes.  We’ve moved heaven and earth to source this tea that is said in China to be worth its weight in gold. This Baojing Gold tastes pure and fragrant with bundles of umami. The texture is rounded and soft and the delicate infusion tinged light green. Green tea drinkers will rejoice in early access to this special tea.”

Tom Price, JING's Head of Tea

BAOJING GOLD | JING’s first spring 2020 tea

An exceptional single garden, spring green tea, picked in small quantities pre-Qingming* on 19th March 2020. Baojing Gold is from a new producer for JING this year but it is a tea of long heritage, famed as a tea gifted to the emperor since the 16th century and reportedly derived from a single mother tree in Golden Village, Hunan, China.

Floral, fresh and reviving, Baojing Gold perfectly accompanies the warmer days of spring. Delicately

crafted, it captures the purest essence of the tenderest buds and leaves, with graceful umami and meadow sweetness.


Selected from Ludong Mountain, sacred to the local Miao people, our Baojing Gold is named after its place of origin, Baojing County in Hunan province, and the gold leafed cultivar from which it is traditionally made.

Picked in early spring, this green tea is expertly crafted by tea master Mr Long in his garden using organic principles. Hand-dried, it has a refreshing character and is highly prized at its origin, rarely finding its way outside of China.

The climate in Western Hunan is subtropical and tea is grown in hilly terrain. Spring brings the first of the season’s teas, made from the delicate buds that the bushes produce after their winter dormancy.

Baojing is famous for its gold or yellow leaved cultivar that imparts a high amino acid content, providing the umami character to the tea.