Carrier 30 | The most inspiring and influential in luxury travel 2021

March would normally be Carrier’s annual glitzy trade awards, last year they were held at BAFTA, where Carrier awarded and recognised their key travel agent partners in the industry for sales. 80% of Carrier’s business comes from their trade partners, but as events are off the cards and most of these agents have been unable to sell travel for the past 12 months, Carrier still wanted to mark the occasion with something special for their highly valued partners.

The list pays homage to 30 of the most inspiring business leaders, exceptional travel designers and small companies who, despite the challenges of 2020, have continued to deliver outstanding levels of service and support to their clients.  After the last 12 months, consumers now desire the value a human travel agent can bring; for flexibility, personal service, protection and guidance on navigating what has become a complex world, so we wanted to shine a light on some of the best in the industry.