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Cleave & Company at London Craft Week

Founded over two decades ago, Cleave & Company are Court Jewellers of distinction. Imagining, designing and creating some of the world’s most exceptional Bespoke Jewellery, Objet D’Art, Pens, Insignia, Orders, Decorations and Medals by appointment. Complex techniques, sophisticated style and pioneering precious metal work means we achieve a standard which reflects our commitment to producing some of the world’s most luxurious gifts.
6th Oct 2020
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Cleave & Company at London Craft Week

With clients all over the world, ranging from established families to Heads of State, Cleave's customer remains exacting in their commissions and demanding on discretion. Being Court Jewellers Cleave's talent is in their breadth and special ability to produce pieces fit for Royalty, for all our clients.

Joining London Craft Week for the first time via a LIVE STREAM on the 7th October at 5pm, through a link on the London Craft Week Instagram feed Cleave & Company are delighted to be talking about ‘The Art of Bespoke’ with special guests Rachel Trevor Morgan, Stewart Parvin and Sabina Savage.

Rachel, Stewart and Sabina will all be discussing with Peter Scott (Founder and Managing Director, Cleave & Company) the amazing moments and challenging period surrounding producing the finest art of their craft in highly competitive sectors.

Cleave and their special guests are planning to show some rare and unique pieces for the very first time and viewers will get a treat in seeing some very special objets not shown in public before. Rachel, Stewart and Sabina will also be bringing some of their finest pieces to illustrate their exceptional craft.

You want to feel real ownership and a personal link on collecting an exceptional piece.  We live in a disposable age, there is no doubt a new generation recognises this but they would also be wise to avoid fashion, find a style, research traditional skills and look for just a hint of vintage glamour.  We cannot wait to show the world some of the beauty of our creations. - Peter Scott, Managing Director, Cleave & Company Ltd
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