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With most of the UK now in the second week of working from home, Tong Digital announces the launch of 'Coffee Break China': a new live-streamed crash course in all things China Digital, which could help inform your China strategy in the weeks and months to come. The concept is simple; easily digestible, practical tips on all things China Digital, delivered with no notes or slides over a coffee three times a week. All for free.
30th Mar 2020
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Coffee Break China  New insights from Tong Digital

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Monday 30th March, 3pm China After COVID: ‘Revenge Buying’ and the Future of Chinese Retail

Here in the UK, we’re just starting to feel the effects of COVID-19. It’s a good time to look to China, where life is beginning to return to (a new) normal. Ecommerce is booming, as consumers with money in their pockets ‘revenge spend’ after weeks of being stuck in panic mode.

Join TONG co-founder Adam Knight to learn how your brand can benefit from China’s economic bounceback, as well as his reflections on what recent developments in the world of Chinese retail will mean in the long-term.

Wednesday 1st April, 3pm Bang for Your Buck: Getting the Most out of Your Chinese Influencer Marketing

With over 13 million fans on Weibo, Kakakaoo might be the biggest influencer you’ve never heard of. Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing has exploded in China, but can be daunting to foreign brands - which KOL should you work with? What kind of content should you be producing? How can I ensure ROI?

Join TONG cofounder Adam as he talks you through how to source the right KOL for your brand and creating the best content to connect with their loyal base of fans. He’ll share case studies of successful influencer campaigns run by our partner brands, and give you some actionable tips for making the most of KOL marketing in China.

Friday 3rd April, 3pm Content that Clicks: Getting the Most out of Your WeChat Articles

WeChat has over 1.1 billion daily active users, offering an unrivalled opportunity for brands to reach and engage new audiences. As a brand, however, WeChat is equal parts exciting and frustrating. With an eye-watering level of competition, how can your brand create content that stands out and tells your story?

Join TONG cofounder Adam Knight to learn how to create stunning WeChat articles that connect with consumers, including advice on brand storytelling, microsites and quick fixes to make your copy stand out.

Monday 6th April, 3pm Don’t be D&G: Navigating Chinese Cultural Sensitivities in Marketing

The last 18 months have unveiled an ever more strident nationalism among Chinese consumers. Culturally insensitive campaigns (Dolce & Gabbana, we’re looking at you) have received huge backlash on social media with long-lasting impacts for brands. Conversely, by demonstrating a genuine connection with China through their online story-telling, brands can create authentic (and profitable) relationships with consumers.

Join TONG cofounder Adam Knight to explore how brands can create marketing content that shows authentic respect and appreciation for Chinese culture. In this chat, you’ll be introduced to successful case studies as well as actionable advice for your brand.

Wednesday 8th April, 3pm Maximising your Mini Program: WeChat’s Super Function

With over 350 million daily users, Mini Programs are the best way to boost your brand’s WeChat presence. These apps-within-an-app can take the form of games, life-style mini-apps, blogs, e-commerce sites - your imagination is the limit! They’re a great way to streamline the sales journey by combining it with social media and creating a seamless customer experience.

Join TONG cofounder Adam Knight as he lifts the lid on WeChat's most innovative functionality, talking you through successful case studies and how to develop your own Mini Program.

Wednesday 15th April, 3pm

Best of the Rest: Chinese Social Media Beyond Weibo and WeChat

Weibo and WeChat have long been the mainstays of any China digital strategy. But increasing competition on these platforms, as well as a slew of new and innovative networks are shaking things up. Looking to some of China's 'second rate' platforms can be a great way to build connections with younger, more tech-savvy consumers, as well as those living in lower tier cities who have more expendable income but aren’t serviced by offline stores.

In this webinar, TONG cofounder Adam will introduce you to up-and-coming social media platforms, giving practical advice on devising a winning platform strategy.