DCM x Walpole | Building and Maintaining Brand Trust for the Future

“A brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without trust is just noise. Trust is the key thing we need to engage with.”

Walpole’s annual thought leadership event with Digital Cinema Media, held at BAFTA on Tuesday 25th June, focused on the importance of developing and maintaining brand trust with audiences and consumers.

For over 100 years the big screen has been the best place to tell the greatest stories; cinema-goers set aside quality time to indulge their passion for film in an uncluttered and safe media environment, making it one of the most trusted media platforms. Over the course of the morning, topics of trust were discussed through a variety of different standpoints, from creative execution to media planning, focusing on brand case studies and the content brands can associate with in the cinema environment.

Walpole member Stephen Einhorn also showcased some of their incredible jewellery created for films including Maleficent, Dumbo and Snow White and the Huntsman before and after the event.

Event highlights included:

After a welcome from Walpole‘s Helen Brocklebank and DCM‘s Karen Stacey and Amelia Wrighton, Karen Fraser MBE, Director of Credos, presented key findings from a Credos and Advertising Association report Arresting the Decline of Public Trust in UK Advertising, which looked into the primary reasons why public trust in advertising has fallen over the past few decades. Karen identified six overarching factors affecting public perceptions of advertising – from bombardment to unhealthy advertising – and highlighted five actions brands should undertake in order to arrest that decline.

Following Karen, Margaret Zhang, Film Director & Co-Founder of Background discussed how, in a democratised landscape of infinite options and platforms of communication, the only way to build a long-term dialogue with the modern consumer is through community – and how consumers don’t NEED to trust brands, they have too many options, too many platforms, too many influences…

DCM’s Mike Tull then presented the fourth edition of DCM’s industry-leading ‘Building Box Office Brands’ study, which explores the different roles that AV media play in the lives of young people. The report reveals that seven in 10 16-34 year olds feel ‘hounded’ by advertising but see Cinema as the most ‘premium’ and ‘trustworthy’ environment.

The stakes are high for luxury brands, in part because of their heritage but also because of the position they hold. With their carefully managed leadership position comes a responsibility; Walpole’s Charlotte Keesing moderated a panel discussion with Susie Thompson, Head of Integrated Media & Communications, Coty Luxury; Ann Wixley, Executive Creative Director, Wavemaker; Will Woodhams, CEO, Fitzdares; and Kelly Montague, Marketing Director, Stephen Einhorn on how their brands and businesses are navigating these challenges to maintain their trusted position.

With hundreds of upcoming films on the slate, and the Box Office in great health, DCM’s Tom Linay then showcased a number of films still to be released in 2019 that are sure to attract an affluent audience – from Joker to The Goldfinch.

The morning was rounded off with Warner Bros.’ Lawrence Tapper presenting brand and film partnership case studies – including eBay’s tie in with J K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts, which was followed by Warner Bros Anna Obropta presenting the new Wonder Woman 1984 film.

To find out more, please contact Amelia.Wrighton@dcm.co.uk