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Brands of Tomorrow Class of 2020

Alex Tymann, Hēdoïne

As we approach the launch of our 2021 Brands of Tomorrow programme we meet Alex Tymann, co-founder of H?doïne, who shares her experience of being a part of the programme in 2020: the best bits, what she's learnt and how it's helped her business.
26th Oct 2020
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Brands of Tomorrow Class of 2020  Alex Tymann, Hēdoïne

Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand

I am Alex, Co-Founder of Hēdoïne, a brand that celebrates and elevates bold, strong, women. Our products are designed to complement their uncompromising lifestyles. We craft innovative, responsibly made fashion essentials – starting with ladder-resistant, seamless tights.

When were you on the Brands of Tomorrow programme and how did you hear about it?

We were part of the 2020 class and heard about it through a friend.

How has the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow programme helped you and your business?

Especially during exceptional times like these, it was great to receive valuable insights and support from the Walpole executives as well as the BOT team members. We interacted frequently and grew together as a group. Furthermore, we really enjoyed the series of workshops with inspiring speakers, covering different topics such as Finance and PR. Also, we received great support from our BOT mentor, Tom Meggle, which we highly appreciate!

What was the best thing about the programme?

Great insights, support, workshops and access to a great network.

Are you still in touch with your peers from the programme?

Yes, absolutely – I am sure we will stay in touch and continue supporting each other.

Show us your favourite product from your brand, and tell us a bit about it!

I love wearing our soft and comfortable Bold 60 Denier tights (pictured below), especially in winter. They are responsibly produced in the UK, using 99.98% less water during production than the average pair of tights. They’re also certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® and have a seamless, gusset-free design. No sagging, rolling or pinching - our low or high waistbands are shaping, supportive and designed to stay in place, as they should.