Five Minutes with the Founder | Venetia Archer, Founder, Ruuby

As we open applications for our 2021 Brands of Tomorrow programme, we also take a moment to introduce you to one of our current class of Brands of Tomorrow 2020. Venetia Archer is the founder innovative beauty bookings platform Ruuby, here she shares with us what she enjoys so much about being an entrepreneur in the luxury space.

Ruuby is an on-demand beauty bookings platform, offering clients the ability to book a host of luxury beauty treatments to their door. From Nature Bissé facials, to Aromatherapy Associates massages, and everything in between, we are able to deliver luxury services within 60 minutes across London. In 2019, we launched its Black Label membership offering – the ultimate in personalised, luxury beauty and wellness for individuals and corporate partners, both in the UK and internationally.

Tell us the story of how you built your brand

Building the brand has been one of the most exciting parts of the Ruuby story. I wanted to build a business that truly helped women (and now men too!) to facilitate and streamline the beauty and wellness element of their lives. This has been accomplished through the building of a technology platform that bridges luxury beauty and easy access, with a little bit of wit and humour thrown in along the way.

Why did you choose to set up your business in the luxury sector? 

I am in such awe of the artistry that comes with luxury beauty services – from the intense scientific knowledge of an expert facialist, to the attention to detail of a professional makeup artist. I found that access depended on word of mouth, and I wanted to be able to share a curated “little black book” of beauty experts.

What is your favourite thing about  your job?

I love the diversity of it. Every single day is completely different. I meet such a vast array of people, and am constantly presented with new, unique challenges that fuel me to be better.

What and/or who is your source of inspiration and motivation?

I am motivated by success and growth. I love building this business, and watching new elements materialise over time. What wasn’t possible a year ago, might be possible today, and that is very motivating. Both big and small wins drive me.

If you could have any other job in the world what would it be?

I would love to be a documentary maker! I get very intrigued by characters, and it would be great to have a legitimate excuse to delve deeper. Also – and quite seriously – an astronaut. I wish I’d realised this when I was little as now, at the ripe age of 32, I am past it.

If you could do something differently in your career what would it be?

I would have moved on faster from things I didn’t like… but I think age and experience gives you that perspective.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 10 years’ time?

I do not plan that far in advance!

What does success look like to you?

Freedom to be truly creative.

What advice do you have for any young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Keep going, never give up, no matter what anyone tells you. You have to power through the tough times, which will keep coming. They are part of being an entrepreneur.