Future-proofing Your Brand : Insights from Walpole Corporate Partner WGSN

We have been working with Walpole corporate partner and leading global foresight company WGSN, to create a new report which analyses how businesses can future-proof their brand with special consideration of the luxury market. 


The report, titled Future-proofing Your Brand, was launched as part of the Brands of Tomorrow 10th anniversary party, with WGSN’s ILARIA PASQUINELLI, Global Brand & Propositions presenting report to a room over 150 assembled guests including Walpole members, Brands of Tomorrow past and present and journalists. Ilaria was joined on stage by JOHN AYTON MBE, founder, Brands of Tomorrow, LINKS OF LONDON and ANNOUSHKA; FRIEDA GORMLEY, founder, HOUSE OF HACKNEY, BONNIE TAKHAR, CEO & President, CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA and ALICE TEMPERLEY MBE, founder, TEMPERLEY LONDON all of whom took part in a panel discussing the key findings of the report.

Split into three sections: the role of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FOSTERING INNOVATION and RETAINING TALENT the report gives valuable, actionable insights looking at the key drivers and barriers for business growth in the next 10 years. The final chapter, LUXURY CONUNDRUM is a comparison of the luxury and non-luxury sectors in respect of these three topics and was informed by the opinions of Walpole members.

Adding her view to the report WALPOLE CEO, HELEN BROCKLEBANK commented: “The British luxury industry has an extraordinary history and reputation for building exceptional brands that stand the test of time. Uniquely entrepreneurial and quick to innovate, British luxury brands are masters of dynamic heritage; always putting the ever-changing needs of the consumer centre stage, whilst retaining core brand values, superior craftsmanship and provenance. Having long inspired devotion and loyalty from fans around the world, brands have had to find new ways to create meaningful connections with consumers, be that digitally or through the highly engaged employees that are so characteristic of luxury businesses. Embracing new technologies without losing brand DNA will be a key challenge as well as an opportunity for British luxury in the next decade, but one that the sector is responding to creatively and with an inquisitive mind.”

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For further information, please contact carly.vonspeyr@thewalpole.co.uk