The GREAT Festival of Innovation | Hong Kong

Walpole is a partner of the Government’s GREAT campaign, having worked with GREAT since inception and collaborating on their Festivals of Creativity in Istanbul and Shanghai and then latterly working with GREAT on our inaugural New York trade delegation and press showcase in October 2017.

For members keen to develop their Asia businesses and relationships The GREAT Festival of Innovation will take place in Hong Kong from the 21st to the 24th March – read more here.

The GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong is a collaboration between the British Government, the Hong Kong Government and British & Hong Kong business communities. It forms part of the GREAT Campaign and is the latest in this series of high profile events, which aim to bring business and creative leaders together – it is described as the ‘Davos for Commercial Creativity’.

The Hong Kong Festival has a regional focus and will include high-level participation from Southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, as well as other ASEAN countries.

Click here to view a short film about the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai (2015) which highlights some of the opportunities.

If you would be interested in attending or for a senior representative of your business locally to attend please contact Charlotte Keesing, Walpole’s Director of Public Affairs & International.

Please note attending the festival is by invitation only and numbers limited.