Help Walpole evaluate the impact of Brexit on the Luxury Sector

Walpole conducted its first survey into the impact of Brexit at the end of 2016.

The result, Thriving After Brexit, was published in February and has informed and steered our engagement with Westminster and also with our European luxury colleagues in the European Creative and Cultural Alliance, of which Walpole was a founder member. Whilst the economic and political uncertainty of Brexit continues to have ramifications for luxury businesses, one of the positive outcomes of our first round study was the way it highlighted the importance of non-EU export markets for luxury brands, resulting in funding from the Department of International Trade for Walpole’s inaugural US Trade mission this October.

Eighteen months after the initial Leave vote, no one can be in any doubt of the complexities of exiting the EU. In addition, the situation continues to evolve: today’s meeting in Brussels between Theresa May and the EU 27 is expected to confirm that sufficient progress has been made in the divorce agreement to move Brexit negotiations to phase two, and the next twelve months will be pivotal for business as conversations move to our trading relationships.

An informed understanding of how this is affecting your businesses, and the steps you are taking to mitigate the possible effects of Brexit after March 2019, is essential to Walpole’s ability to protect the interests of British luxury brands, and of luxury brands in Britain and we would like your help in contributing to the picture of what Brexit means for luxury brands.

To that end, please may I invite you to contribute to our second survey into the impact of Brexit on our sector? The survey takes approximately 5 minutes.


The survey covers key priority areas including:

o Business preparations for Brexit
o Impact of changes to the Free Movement of People
o Trade, Export and Manufacturing
o Foreign Direct Investment
o Tourism
o Key priorities

Thank you so much in advance – every response we have is crucial to protecting your interests.

Helen Brocklebank
CEO, Walpole