An Indian Summer of Luxury | Holiday with… Charlotte Tilbury MBE

Dreaming of an Indian Summer? Us too… With the sun set to make a reappearance today, we throw it back to A Summer of Luxury as legendary make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury MBE shares her beauty and travel secrets, and the new product innovations we can look forward to when autumn comes a-calling.


Your favourite holiday destination?
“Because my life is so hectic in London, I love destinations that are magical and nourishing for me, like Ibiza. It’s where I grew up and my parents still live there, it feels like home to me. It’s where I go to relax, unwind and it recharges my batteries. Family, friends, music, parties and dancing ‘til late, it’s my magic fuel!! Some of my other favourite places to visit on the island for dinner are La Formentereña, La Escollera and Bambuddha. Other than that, a beautiful beach holiday, a relaxing and remote sunny climate, and my friends and family around me is all I need.”

Your must-have summer holiday accessory
“My must-have summer holiday accessory is my gorgeous NEW Bar of Gold Trio. It combines the most beautiful tones of one of the world’s most precious minerals into one palette so you can dress your skin in gold, any way you choose!! All three are perfect for adding that glowing summer goddess finish to any look! You can use any shade individually, or wear all together for a radiant, glossy-looking complexion, create the ultimate goddess eyes, softly-sculpted cheekbones, a sun-kissed décolletage or even press on to your lips for a touch of glamour.”

“My Charlotte’s Magic Cream is another one of my must-have summer holiday accessories. I never ever go anywhere without it! It is my secret weapon for dreamy looking skin and your skin saviour bottled! My award-winning, miracle working Charlotte’s Magic Cream was how this brand came to life! It’s an instant miracle working cream for the skin and has become a worldwide favourite. It contains Camelia oil, Rosehip oil, Bio-Nymph Peptides and Hyaluronic acid – instantly flooding the skin with moisture. Sitting on an aeroplane is essentially like a hangover for your skin. It can leave your complexion looking dull and dehydrated. This is the secret to fresh, youthful looking skin in an instant! As there is a lack of oxygen on aeroplanes, I apply it using my ‘Tilbury Tap’ massage method, as massage is known for encouraging micro-circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. Work the fingers out over the cheeks like angel wings, and then tap in a pitter-patter motion over the forehead, nose and chin. I always have my Magic Eye Rescue with me for an eye lift effect in a tube! It re-vitalises the delicate eye area, hydrating and smoothing the feel of the skin.”

“I’ll never leave the house without my brand NEW! Magic Away Liquid Concealer. It’s my secret weapon for all of your skin concerns. I liken it to a magic wand of makeup because it makes your skin wishes come true!”

The scent of summer?
“A summer scent is essential!! I always travel with my signature fragrance, Scent of a Dream!! It has top notes (lemon, peach and black pepper) to lift and boost the senses, floral heart notes (Tuberose, Jasmine, Frankincense, Violet and Patchouli) to attract love and light, and seductive base notes (Fire Tree, Iso E Super, Hedione and Ambroxan) to amplify your own signature scent! I always say ‘spray the magic way!’ I start by spraying it on my pulse points – behind the ears, wrists and ankles. I then spray a scent halo around my neck, head and hair. I call it Scent Contouring! It comes in 30, 50 and 100ml bottles, all perfect for travel!!”

Your top tip for surviving the last of the summer heat in style?
“To help your makeup survive the summer heat in style, once your look is complete it’s important to finish it off with a finely milled powder to lock in your makeup effortlessly and keep everything from slipping in the humidity. It also helps to remove any unwanted shine! My Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is a micro-powder that is like the most finely-milled, highest thread-count cashmere that doesn͛’t sit in lines but optically blurs them away, whilst giving the skin an ultra-luxe luminosity for a high definition result. It is also enriched with rose wax and almond oil so it won’t sit heavy on the skin. I only like to use powders on the t-zone, down the nose, on the chin and across the forehead. I always keep the cheekbones free of powder so that they remain dewy looking and catch the light.”

“My NEW Legendary Lashes Volume 2 is my most miraculous mascara yet!! It gives 507% more volume and is long-wear, smudge-proof and humidity resistant so the Hollywood flutter can really last especially in the summer heat!!!”

“My mother always said sun is beauty suicide, so I always wear a high factor SPF and cover up in the sun. It is really important to give the skin a good cleanse at the end of the day when on holiday. The suncream and sweat can build up and clog the pores, and so it’s important to use an oil-based cleanser that can really lift any residue from the pores. My Multi-Miracle Glow Balm cleanser is a cream-to-oil balm packed with vitamins and floral extracts for a smoother and brighter looking complexion.”

Your latest product launches?
“I am SO excited about my latest launches!! Firstly, my brand NEW!Magic Away Liquid Concealer!! It is my secret weapon for all of your skin concerns. The new, elastic-stretch formula makes your skin look practically poreless. It is so smoothing and delivers a full coverage, inspired by the airbrushing techniques that I call AIRBRUSH FACE! It feels like a second skin. It’s as if you’ve completely hidden the appearance of pores, rolled over any contours, smoothed fine lines, and visibly reduced blemishes!!

“I have also just launched my NEW! Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder which is like an ethereal veil of youth that sets makeup, illuminates and adds a textured look to the skin. It’s magic! I call it my cauldron of Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder. It contains Tsubaki Oil, a traditional Japanese oil with a silky, creamy texture which acts like a moisturiser, helping to nourish and soften the skin!!”