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IWD 2021

The Female Founders: Araminta Campbell

"I feel women expect the best of themselves, and life generally, so seek to find solutions and improvements at every step." Continuing with our IWD-inspired female founders focus today we speak to Araminta Campbell, founder of her eponymous brand, and a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow in 2020. Here Araminta shares with us her inspiration, and her advice for the next generation of aspiring female founders.
8th Mar 2021
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IWD 2021 The Female Founders: Araminta Campbell

Why did you choose to start your own luxury business? 
I have always been interested in quality items that last and wanted to create a brand that incorporated a part of me and my values.

I did not set out to start a luxury business per se, but rather set out to start a company that put the product first at every level and did not take the easy option when it came to important decisions. I wanted to strip everything back and understand the craftsmanship and raw materials. To do things the ‘right’ way from our foundations was incredibly important to me and it so happens that its these values are what makes a product ‘luxury’.

What is it about British luxury that means new, female-led brands thrive? 
I feel women expect the best of themselves, and life generally, so seek to find solutions and improvements at every step.

British luxury isn’t a case of what is expensive, it is about solving a problem or adding quality and value to something that already works, be it if something makes you feel good, or makes your life easier. The luxury is in the detail and it is this detail focus that is the driving force of many women.

I also think women have such a tenacious determination in them to succeed and when they believe in something, they are a powerful and often unstoppable force. From my own perspective I know what I want, and I will get there.

Tell us about the women that inspired you on your journey?
In terms of inspiration, this does not stem from people, but rather it is my art that inspires me. However, if you look at my driving force, that comes from my family and my friends. My mother has been a instrumental support and force, but equally so has my father and husband; as a unit they have all driven me to be where I am today,

What advice would you give to the next generation of female founders looking to set up their own brands?
Advice – believe in yourself and your vision, be curious, ask questions and never be afraid to ask for advice. I believe that knowledge is a melting pot and from every connection you can add something of value to this pot, so seek the value in every connection.