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IWD 2021

The Female Founders: Kathryn Sargent

"I wanted to be in control of my own destiny, by creating an inclusive tailoring business I can make all styles of garments for men and women; my world of bespoke, my approach, my vision." A former Walpole Brand of Tomorrow and the first female tailor on Savile Row, Kathryn Sargent founded her eponymous bespoke tailoring brand in 2012. In today's first Female Founders profile, Kathryn discusses launching her business, and why starting out on your own doesn't have to be a lonely place. 
10th Mar 2021
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IWD 2021 The Female Founders: Kathryn Sargent

Why did you choose to start your own luxury business? 
Having worked for a large company for 15 years I had the experience and groundwork to understand how business worked and I had acquired a bedrock of tailoring skills which were essential ahead of striking out on my own. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny and by creating a tailoring business that was inclusive, I make all styles of garments for men and women, my world of bespoke, my approach, my vision.

What is it about British luxury that means new, female-led brands thrive? 
There is a supportive network in British luxury which means when you start your own business you contribute to the sector by creating amazing product and creating jobs.  You are not on your own, you belong to something much greater and your contribution is appreciated, you can collaborate with other like minded individuals which drives you forward and there is room for you to flourish knowing that there is support when you need it.

Tell us about the women that inspired you on your journey? 
Over the years I have been inspired by my clients who have achieved really great things in their career, some have become unofficial mentors who have taken an interest in my journey and I have been able to learn from them, from stories or advice that they have shared with me.  I would certainly say find people you can learn from, talk to and be inspired by. Starting out on your own does not have to be a lonely place and you can ask for advice and learn from others with great experience.

Behind the scenes with Kathryn Sargent

“The quality of our work truly is the best in the world, and is admired by clients everywhere."

Walpole went behind the scenes of Kathryn Sargent's Mayfair atelier in late 2019 to discuss the influence of British tailoring around the world. Click below to watch Kathryn in action in this short film by Allied Content.