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La Route de la Soie, a new collection celebrates 20 years of Ormonde Jayne perfumery

20 years ago, on November 22 2000, perfumer Linda Pilkington registered her British perfume house at Company House in London. Still independently owned by Linda, Ormonde Jayne has grown from creating scented candles to private clients, to one of the leading niche perfumers with 200 points of sale around the world.
27th May 2020
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La Route de la Soie, a new collection celebrates 20 years of Ormonde Jayne perfumery

Disrupting the world of perfume since its beginning, Ormonde Jayne introduces rare and exquisite ingredients, elevating perfume to an art form. Recognised for being the first perfumer to launch a fine fragrance with the ingredient Oudh back in 2004, as well as Ta'if rose and Black Hemlock Absolute, Linda Pilkington continues to innovate and excel. After two decades, Ormonde Jayne's name is synonymous with innovation and exceptional quality, customer service and craftsmanship.

La Route de Soie, a new collection of 7 perfumes will celebrate the past two decades, using original ingredients from Ormonde Jayne's repertoire as well as new ones inspired by the Silk Route. We will also be bringing fragrant recipes on Gourmade Jayne throughout the year.

An odyssey, exploring the opiate pathway and flora of the spice routes. Established over millenia, The Silk Road stretched far and wide, running from China through Moghul India and Mesopotamia, crossing into Egypt, Anatolia and finally Europe.

Great inventions and knowledge were shared between The Orient and Europe from silkworm expertise, spices, gold, gunpowder and medicines, and then alchemy, astronomy and mathematics.

Ormonde Jayne’s showcase of perfumes is inspired by this epic journey passing incredible bulbs, herbs and flowering spice trees, the bustling trade markets with their exotic architecture; the Caravan Serai crossing the infinite plains, opening up our world to new intellectual frontiers.

A unique collection consisting of seven scents introducing new oils to the much loved and favoured Ormonde Jayne scent library.

DAMASK, LEVANT and TANGER, the first three perfumes from La Route De Soie, will be launching exclusively at Harrods from April 2020. The entire collection of 7 perfumes including  BYZANCE, XI'AN, INDUS and XANDRIA will launch on general release in October 2020.


An abstract creation of damascene rose shimmering with charm and elegance. Gourmand notes with pink berries, form a backdrop of unique character to mineral amber and musk and vetiver.


A bottle of happiness that has no intention of being anything other than ravishing and gorgeous. An innocent note of peony, adored by all flower lovers, a singing note of lily, a garland of orange-blossom and jasmine. Brilliant, appealing, flirtatious and full-on jubilation.


A vivid display of neroli, playing to win your heart. The scent is a lasting tribute to the quintessential marriage of harmonious perfumed oils. Expertly blended with ylang ylang and bergamot, Tanger is a sunny, golden perfume, joyful and entirely lovable.

Price  £135 for 50mls