Walpole British Luxury Awards 2018

Luxury with a Heart

Today we unveil the nominees for Luxury with a Heart, in association with MyLoveAffair, which is awarded to the luxury brand, institution or individual that has consistently dedicated themselves to making the world a better place, either through sustainable or environmental initiatives, contribution to special causes, or in using the power of their voice to speak out on behalf of others.
7th Nov 2018
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Walpole British Luxury Awards 2018  Luxury with a Heart

Last year, this Award was won by Glenmorangie, and this year we are delighted to recognise Atelier Swarovski; Cadogan, NSPCC & Harrods: Fashion Retold; G . F Smith; Porter x Parley for the Oceans; and V&A: Fashioned from Nature, and you can read below why each of these brands has been nominated for 2018.

Atelier Swarovski

In 2017 Atelier Swarovski announced its first fine jewellery collection made with Swarovski Created Diamonds, marking the brand’s commitment to conscious luxury. Following its debut, Atelier Swarovski’s fine jewellery collections continue to shine a light on sustainability with the introduction of Fairtrade Gold and other exceptional created gemstones.

Cadogan, NSPCC & Harrods: Fashion Re-Told

Harrods, Cadogan and the NSPCC collaborated to create the world’s ‘most glamorous charity shop’ on chic Sloane Street –a millennial-pink pop-up that opened for just one month in April 2018, selling pre-loved designer pieces. All proceeds went directly to the NSPCC’s vital work –raising over £110,000 and driving awareness through major impact on both social and traditional media channels.

G . F Smith

For over 130 years, G . F Smith has been obsessed with the simple beauty and limitless possibility of paper. Today, we act as custodians of our founders remarkable legacy by making and curating the world’s finest paper collection. As one of the oldest known materials, paper continues to be a symbol of innovation and technological progression — a medium that goes far beyond just being a carrier of ideas and knowledge, a profoundly important and valuable material.

PORTER x Parley for the Oceans

For its Summer Escape issue, PORTER was proud to partner with Parley for the Oceans – as well as acclaimed photographer Mario Sorrenti and cover star Anja Rubik to highlight the plastic crisis facing our blue planet. For a second year, PORTER dedicated an entire issue to championing Content + Commerce + Cause this time exploring the beauty and fragility of the oceans.

V&A: Fashioned from Nature

Fashioned from Nature highlights fashion’s dependence on the riches of nature for inspiration, energy and raw materials. It celebrates fashion’s creativity and innovation and asks how the industry and we, as consumers, can harness these qualities to design a vibrant but more responsible fashion system that respects, protects and celebrates the natural world.

In association with MyLoveAffair.
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