Communication Directors’ Summer Party with Jeremy Langmead, Editor-in-Chief of Times Luxx

On a sweltering July night, Walpole took over the 1922 Edward Lutyens-designed Maison Assouline library on Piccadilly for our Communication and Marketing Directors’ Summer Party, where Editor-in-Chief of Times Luxx Jeremy Langmead told stories about luxury and craftsmanship.

Our second celebration of Walpole members’ senior communicators this year, guests enjoyed flutes of ice-cold Laurent Perrier Rosé while Jeremy Langmead, Editor-in-chief, The Times LUXX magazine and Brand & Content Director, MR PORTER – in conversation with Walpole CEO Helen Brocklebank – discussed the importance of captivating storytelling and expert craftsmanship in luxury.

Jeremy also opened up about his experiences editing The Times Luxx and MR PORTER, and learning two completely new languages: those of digital and retail. Snippets from the conversation are recorded below. For more information on future Walpole events, please contact Olivia Lowdell.

On his experiences with the internet:
“I had to learn a completely new language – a digital language and a retail language; I thought wireframes were things children played on at weekends. But you learn something new because you have to – and that’s the best way to do it.

“The internet enables you to ask lots of things anonymously – it’s like a male friend that you can actually ask questions of; men don’t tend to ask each other questions.

“One shouldn’t edit by algorithm online. You have to listen to the customer and be intuitive.”

On luxury:
“At Times Luxx we find the best that the world has to offer and it’s not about cost – although sadly the best usually does have a hefty price tag. I’m warmed and enthused by the passion involved in creating luxury products; these pockets of enjoyment and joy become ever more important in an uncertain world.

“A lot of manufacturing skills originated in Britain. We are therefore very good at producing luxury brands that look like they have been around for a long time.

“Best luxury for under a tenner? A croissant in Paris.”

On being all things for all readers:
“As a magazine and content provider, we have to be in the format our readers want, at the time they want, in the place they want.

“Print is a very important part of the whole package. Sometimes you’re in the mood for lying back on the sofa with an actual magazine in your hands not just a tablet.

“Books have a smell, it’s a sensory experience. The new generation of readers think of print and paper as ‘edgy’, it’s becoming viewed in a similar way to vinyl.”

On storytelling:
“Sometimes Britishness is a good thing to go on, but sometimes it’s just part of the story.

“If you’re telling a story it has to be interesting. If I was telling the story to a friend in a bar, would they enjoy it?

“All I’m doing is telling stories, it’s just that I’m telling them to more than six people around the supper table.

“Everything’s a lot more democratic now – we can’t all afford everything, but we can all know about it, and that takes us somewhere down the road.”

Thank you to Jeremy and News UK; to Maison Assouline; to Laurent-Perrier; the Real Flower Company; and to all our guests for attending the event.