Meet the Maker | Rebecca Hawkins, Head of Design, Boodles

Each week we ‘meet a maker’ from within the Walpole membership, shining a light on the highly skilled craftspeople and designers creating British luxury products and experiences. Today, introducing Rebecca Hawkins, Head of Design at Boodles.

“I head a team of four specialist designers all working exclusively on creating jewellery collections for Boodles. As well as new jewellery and watch collections, I also design one-of-a-kind pieces either inspired by a rare and special gemstone or as part of a ‘parure’ within a narrative, such as our recent collection ‘The Poetry of Landscape’.

My role is incredibly varied. Alongside the actual design work, my job involves analysing ever-evolving trends within art and design, evaluating cultural changes and technical developments and using my findings to shape our future direction creatively.

I work closely with the Boodles directors and present many new ideas throughout the year. I also engage directly with our clients to discuss the creation of bespoke jewellery pieces and to explain the Boodles design ethos and discuss the inspiration behind our designs. Boodles is a dynamic company with a strong desire to constantly develop and be moving forward: there is a real openness to new ideas which makes it a great environment to work in as a designer.

My favourite part of the design process is looking for and researching new concepts and layering different ideas together to create a new story – I love it when an idea in your head starts to take shape on the page. Another exciting moment is when I see a new design arrive from the workshop as a finished piece of jewellery for the first time.”