Mentoring with Walpole

One of Walpole’s main objectives is to secure a pipeline of talent for the British luxury industry.

With this in mind we are looking to build a directory of Walpole members who are happy to be connected with other members to see whether a mentoring relationship could grow from an initial introduction.

The Mentor Directory

The directory of names and short biographies only (no contact details) will be published on the Walpole website, and members looking for mentorship will be able to contact Walpole to ask for an introduction to a certain person from that directory.

Walpole will check that both parties are happy to be introduced before going ahead and making the eIntroduction. Please note that we cannot guarantee Walpole members mentorship through this programme, but will assist with introductions where we can.

This will be a membership-wide initiative: all members are invited to put themselves forward for the Mentor Directory. The Mentor Directory will also form part of the Women in Luxury Programme, and those involved in that programme will be encouraged to join the Mentor Directory.

Applications are also open to senior leaders from within the brand membership who would like to be considered for appointment as formal Walpole Mentors within our development programmes, Brands of Tomorrow and the Walpole & London Business School Programme in Luxury Management:

Brands of Tomorrow

Brands of Tomorrow helps aspiring British luxury companies of the future to fulfill their potential. These are brands with a turnover of under £5 million that will pioneer growth, export goods and services, create employment and drive innovation in luxury in the coming decades. Founded in 2007, Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow has helped develop and nurture over 95 emerging luxury brands through a 12-month programme of networking and mentorship, and proudly seen them become leaders in their respective fields.

More about Brands of Tomorrow, including current and past brands and mentors, can be found here.

Walpole & London Business School Programme in Luxury Management

The Walpole Programme in Luxury Management at London Business School was established in 2013 to identify and nurture carefully selected MBA students who aspire to become the next generation of luxury leaders. The students attend a series of Walpole-organised workshops, designed to build their commercial acumen, and are also assigned a mentor – a senior executive from within the Walpole membership – who will provide guidance throughout the year.

More about the Walpole & LBS programme, including current students and mentors, can be found here.

Please note that both Brands of Tomorrow and the LBS programme require only a set number of mentors each year. We pair mentors and mentees based upon the needs of the mentee.

If you would like to put yourself forward for all, or any, of these mentoring schemes please email, stating which you would like to be a part of.