The power of personalisation with Ettinger

Founded by Gerry Ettinger in 1934, Ettinger is one of the few remaining British luxury leather goods companies still manufacturing in the UK. They pride themselves on designing and handcrafting only the finest leather goods, many of which can be personalised with the recipient’s initials to create a bespoke product.

Walpole spoke with Robert Ettinger, CEO of Ettinger, on how he ensures a heritage brand can thrive in the 21st century: “Niche brands, personalised products and carefully chosen collaborations with like-minded British brands are the future for luxury accessory businesses such as Ettinger. Being different yet still desirable and succeeding in making people feel that they have connected with something special, that’s what’s important.”

Personalisation, in the form of adding initials to a finished product, requires an immense amount of skill and experience. It consists of heating special brass blocking dies before applying by hand onto the leather goods with gold or silver foil, and is done by Ettinger’s most specialist craftsperson to guarantee the best results. The hand-crafted process behind Ettinger’s initialing of leather goods can be discovered in the short film below.

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A huge thank you to Ettinger for Walpole board’s personalised card wallets; Walpole CEO Helen Brocklebank’s wallet is pictured. For more information, please visit