A Summer of Luxury | Holiday with… Jonathan Boston, Head of Sales, Ettinger

As Ettinger prepares to open a new retail collaboration in New York this year, we spoke with the brand’s Head of Sales Jonathan Boston to discover how he combines work travel with holiday travel, his must-visit places in the US, and how the best decisions are always made when fully rested…

Where will you be holidaying this year?

I do a fair amount of travelling for business, so end up either combining holiday time with work travel or just thoroughly enjoy having some quality time at home. We’re fortunate to live on the Brighton coast with the sea at the bottom of our road. We have a beach hut too, so can’t beat the pebbles, sea and then home for a cup of tea – especially after too much time spent travelling in the US without a decent cup of tea in sight!

I have put some holiday time into my recent USA trips too [Ettinger are in the process of opening a new Ettinger retail collaboration in New York]: the Connecticut coast just up from New York is a favourite, from Greenwich up to Westport. The train from Grand Central out of NYC up the coast for little break is always a perfect end to a busy trip. The journey transports you from urban and industrial sprawl to glimpses of coastal outcrops, whitewash houses and marina boats.

What is your ‘must-have’ item to pack in your suitcase?

My swimming trunks. Swimming is my thing to relax anywhere, anytime, so whether sea, lake or pool I always try to factor it in. Swimming everyday while on holiday is my real treat.

Where is your favourite al fresco drinking/dining spot?

There’s too many too choose from, but I need to go back to Lake Como in Italy – a long lunch by the lake, then nap, then swim in a pool, followed by a quick lake dip. Perfetto.

What is this year’s holiday read?

I have actually been drawn into the world of podcasts this summer. I’m really enjoying the additional further relaxation of listening instead of actually reading! HandCut Radio, the Menswear style interview series by Aleks Cvetkovic, is a favourite at the moment – it’s both relaxing and informative.

Have you ever had a ‘lightbulb’ moment related to your business or career while taking some downtime?

Try to properly switch ‘off” rather than ‘on’ when on holiday. I’ve always been blessed with an ability to be on point and fully focused when on work duty and then when the opportunity arises, turn brain and body off and recharge. It’s definitely kept me sane over the years. Plus the best decisions are made when fully rested (and preferably with a good cocktail in hand…).