A Summer of Luxury | Holiday with… Taline and Levon Knadjian, Backes & Strauss

Today the Knadjian siblings, who head up Marketing and Business Development at the family business Backes & Strauss, tell us about their recent trip to their motherland Armenia, and let us in on the best spots in London for Eastern Mediterranean food.

Where will you be holidaying this year – and why?

Levon: Both of us visited Armenia earlier this summer to attend a couple of weddings. Being of Armenian origin, it’s emotionally gratifying to spend time in the motherland. The country is very much on the rise and I highly recommend a visit to anyone interested in learning more about our rich history and culture.

Taline: I agree with Levon; this visit in particular was special because my fiancé and I got to show our home country to friends travelling from the UK, Denmark and Hong Kong; and they absolutely loved it!

What is your ‘must-have’ item to pack in your suitcase?

Taline: A good novel or biography to get lost in while travelling.

Levon: My running shoes. Inspired by my father, I have recently gotten into long-distance running. Now, whenever I am on holiday, my favourite way to explore new surroundings is to go for an early morning run.

Where is your favourite al fresco drinking/dining spot?

Levon: The Mews of Mayfair just around the corner from the House of Backes & Strauss in London. On a weekday, you’ll spot at least one of the Knadjians having lunch or dinner there.

Taline: I’ve also recently discovered Delamina in London, a beautifully decorated Eastern Mediterranean restaurant run by a husband and wife team. Their hummus, for one, is absolutely delicious!

What is your holiday read this year?

Levon: I am currently reading Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog. As I focus on business development at Backes & Strauss, Nike‘s story has been very inspiring for me.

Taline: I just finished reading Lemn Sissay’s My Name is Why. A heart-breaking and lyrical autobiography about neglect, misfortune and resoluteness. A story that needs to be heard by everyone! Now I’m in the middle of An American Marriage by Tayari Jones and have been hooked since the first page.

Have you ever had a ‘lightbulb’ moment related to your business or career while taking some downtime?

Taline: I am most inspired when reading, listening to a podcast or in a stimulating conversation. Our latest jewellery collection, which we look forward to launching in 2020, was born out of an impromptu discussion I had with a close friend of mine. Watch this space!

Taline and Levon are pictured here with their father Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss.