A Summer of Luxury | Holiday with… YOOX NET-A-PORTER’s Bruno-Roland Bernard

Our final ‘Holiday with…’ for the week is Bruno-Roland Bernard, the Group Communications Director of YOOX NET-A-PORTER who may dream of summer in the Loire Valley but is just as happy enjoying an ‘elegant English picnic’ at Glyndebourne – all while taking sartorial advice from the MR PORTER team.

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

I spend my year commuting between our two HQs in Milan and London, flying over France and dreaming of my home country! So I’m looking forward to spending my summer in the Loire Valley with the family enjoying the scenery, the wine and the food.

What is your top tip for surviving the summer heat in style? 

I follow the advice of my colleagues in the editorial team at MR. PORTER. They know their stuff so well and are suitably witty, so I feel comfortable with an untucked shirt… praying it is as stylish as they say!

Have you ever had a ‘lightbulb’ moment related to your business or career while taking some downtime? 

The summer break is to recharge the batteries, not to make plans. Which is possibly why I find the back-to-school moments of late August and early September so inspiring.

What is your holiday read this year? 

The way we treat the environment is finally front and centre while deepening inequalities are bringing populists to power, both clear signals that our current “market economy” may be reaching its limits. I am looking forward to finding some inspiration in Yanis Varoufakis’ Talking to my Daughter about the Economy, which I hear is a perfect summer read: the former Greek Minister of Finance wrote it in nine days!

Favourite al fresco dining spot?

A home-prepared picnic shared with friends at the interval in Glyndebourne would be top of my list. I am a big fan of the elegant English hampers.