A Summer of Luxury | Studiofibre’s Fiona Livingston on how to bring the outdoors in

For today’s Summer of Luxury feature we hear from Fiona on how to bring the outdoors in: “Many of us unfortunately have to spend much of the summer working inside, in an office environment.  To offset the effects of being inside during this lovely weather, try to integrate “nature’s architecture” into your workspace as much as you can – literally bringing the outdoors in…”

“Multiple studies show that human beings work best when they are connected to nature, breathing fresh air and moving frequently – all things that Studiofibre always prioritises within our workplace design schemes for luxury brands such as Farfetch.

By all means bring plants in – but don’t stop there! Integrate foliage into the design of your workspace, introduce beautiful natural woods and office furniture that is tactile, crafted and organic in shape. A piece such as our ‘Speakeasy’ phone booth, crafted from sinuous waves of wood, provides a highly tactile, organic focal point, and encourages people to move away from their desks for calls and video conferences.

Many of us are focused on sustainability – and our human impact on the natural environment, but we should also consider the multiple positive impacts of biophilia – nature’s impact on us humans. Organic materials and foliage have been proven to reduce stress levels, increase a sense of wellbeing and improve internal air quality – which in turn can boost both productivity and morale.

As our lives become more urban, my definition of luxury is connecting with the natural world, surrounding ourselves with beautifully crafted natural spaces, furniture and other design elements that positively impact a business’ greatest asset – its team!”

Fiona Livingston, Co-Founder of Studiofibre

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