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Sustainability Stories


As well as experiencing some of the most beautiful places in the world with luxury travel brand Carrier, their dedicated CSR committee and Carrier Cares policy is committed to helping protect the fascinating habitats, cultural sites and communities that we visit when we travel. From the smallest of things such as making their office as environmentally friendly as possible to bigger steps to ensure a positive impact around the rest of the world.
28th Jan 2020
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Sustainability Stories  Carrier

Humanity is close to their hearts and Carrier partner with Uthando, helping to change the lives  of community members in South Africa, they are also the official sponsor of Professors Without Borders, supporting international teacher mobility to provide over 300 students all over the globe every year with dedicated, professional and inspired learning that equips them for success in later life.

Carrier take a careful, considered approach to the experiences they craft and the partners they work with, their aim being to provide clients with thoughtful and informed insight and recommendations so people can travel more mindfully. Working with some of the most luxurious places and properties in the world, they want to showcase the brands, resorts and people leading the way in sustainability, supporting the natural environment and precious cultures that make them so appealing. There are some really thoughtful and smart things happening in the world of luxury travel and Carrier have dedicated a whole issue of Carrier – The Paper to these stories, demonstrating affluent travellers don’t have to throw away their passport to become more conscious and considered travellers.

We have 300 complimentary copies of Carrier – The Paper available for Walpole members. Click on the link below to request your copy and be propelled into this sustainable chapter of luxury travel .

Request your complimentary copy of Carrier – The Paper

You can also read more about Carrier's CSR commitments, achievements, and charitable partnerships here.