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Dugdale Bros & Co.

With the world more focused on preserving itself than ever, it's only natural that - in the fullness of time - each and every one of us will increasingly demand that the brands we buy from have an identity and a meaning beyond their products. And in a society which is, and will, become ever more environmentally conscious, producers have a social responsibility to limit their carbon footprint and encourage sustainability. To find out more, we spoke with Dugdale - purveyors of the highest-quality cloth to many British luxury brands...
17th Mar 2020
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#BuyOnlineLuxury x Sustainable Stories  Dugdale Bros & Co.

This is the inspiration behind Dugdale Bro & Co's Ecology collection, naturally eco-friendly cloth for your sartorial needs.

Using a blend of fleece from Jacobs and Black Welsh Mountain breeds, Dugdale have produced an undyed, pure new wool cloth which is 100% British, naturally scoured, spun, woven and finished in Huddersfield.

The selection of natural shades have been blended to create a collection of 21 classic patterns without any dyeing process. The colouring of the wool leaves slight shade variations from one batch to another, giving a true uniqueness to each garment.

Naturally hard wearing and insulating, Ecology offers the perfect foundation for long-lasting attire.

See the collection here.