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Freight Brokers becomes carbon positive

Cleaner shipping is about to come cleaner still. From 1st April 2020 Walpole logistics partner Freight Brokers has increased its carbon offset performance from 100% to 125%, so moving from Carbon Neutral to Climate Positive.
7th Apr 2020
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Sustainability Stories  Freight Brokers becomes carbon positive

Since March 2019 Freight Brokers has offset over 2 million kilos of carbon through its carbon-neutral strategy. in line with its 2025 Mission Statement the London-based firm now will accelerate this programme to become one of the front runners in Climate Positive, a policy that sees companies more than compensating for the greenhouse gas emissions their worldwide activities produce.

Freight Brokers founder Charles Keisner says: “As the COVID-19 pandemic is reminding us all to look out for each other and, literally, to clean up our act, this seems the ideal time for us to up our carbon-neutral game. Walpole members, like so many other British businesses we serve, rely on international trade and that means international shipping. Shipping cannot and will not disappear, but our Climate Positive approach will ensure that our clients are putting back more than they take out.”

The carbon neutral shipping service from Freight Brokers ensures that for each shipment carried, it makes the appropriate contribution to the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform through the purchase of carbon credits, thus neutralising – and from 1st April exceeding – the shipment’s CO2 emissions.

Among the UN-endorsed activities that benefit from Freight Broker’s programme are a reforestation project in India, a hydroelectric dam project in Sichuan, China, and a programme to improve the cooking stoves used by families in Malawi. See here for more details.

Full details of Freight Brokers’ service can be found on