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The Book of British Luxury is not just printed sustainably, it is also shipped sustainably, thanks to our partnership with Freight Brokers - who will deliver your copy of the book without any impact upon our environment. 
10th Mar 2020
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Sustainable Stories  Freight Brokers

The modern fashion and textiles sector revolves on a vast and complicated global supply network, which today can rest uneasily with consumers’ expectations for more environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability.

Even Walpole members that manufacture in the UK cannot ignore these contemporary concerns. In most cases, raw materials must be brought in from across the globe and then trade samples, press samples, agents’ samples, retail stock and wholesale deliveries, not to mention international e-commerce purchases, must be transported around the world.

In consequence, 100% carbon-neutral shipping, as offered by London-based specialist firm and Walpole logistics partner Freight Brokers, is an excellent solution to the dilemma of needing to courier samples and products around the world but also wishing to safeguard the environment.

Since March 2019 Freight Brokers, in partnership with the United Nations and DHL, has been ensuring carbon neutrality, at no extra cost, to its clients. It has also signed up to Walpole’s four-point Sustainability Manifesto.

Focusing on the Manifesto’s pledge on responsible sourcing and supply chain traceability, Freight Brokers offsets 100% of the carbon emissions that its worldwide deliveries generate by investing in projects in developing countries that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. Full details can be found on

All carbon-neutral shipments carry Freight Brokers’ striking stickers.

Freight Brokers was established in 2005 by Charles Keisner, who today is assisted by his son Ben. The company works primarily, but not exclusively, in the fashion, textiles, footwear and beauty sectors. If you have international shipments coming into or leaving the UK and think Freight Brokers’ 100% carbon neutral service would fit in with your own sustainability strategy, please contact Ben Keisner on [email protected].